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The Fruit Lady Produce Delivery and Gift Company was established in 1983 by Vicki Rains and Nancy Garrison. Vicki and her husband Ed Rains continue to run the business.

The name "The Fruit Lady" was a good one for us originally. We later realized that we needed to somehow say what we do, at a glance.  With that in mind, we more appropriately named the business "The Fruit Lady PRODUCE, (we provide top quality), DELIVERY, (we provide as a service for our customers convenience), and GIFT, (we couple produce with floral supplies for beautiful gifts), Company. Hence, The Fruit Lady Produce Delivery and Gift Company became our name.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the finest quality fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. Understanding the need to share these wonderful fruits with everyone we developed fruit gifts as well.

Our family has sold fruit in the Seattle area for over 70 years. Most people love good fruits and vegetables and are very satisfied when they receive fresh, quality produce that tastes as good as it looks.

Fresh fruit used to come from family gardens and from local farms. Fruit now comes from all over the world so it is increasingly more important to be knowledgeable about how and when to buy fruit for optimal flavor, freshness, and quality.

We have established contacts with local growers and produce suppliers that provide fresh quality fruit and vegetables for our customers. We have the best produce available as soon as it is ripe and we know the difference between fruit that looks good and fruit that is good!

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"We're nearly famous!"
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